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Picture of medical employee in scrubs

Scrub Rental Program

The NEW Cintas Scrub Rental Program ensures that you get the right scrub, at the right time, all the time. You won’t spend time worrying about availability…or staff complaints…or budget headaches…or infection control issues. You just need to wear the scrub!

With the Cintas Scrub Rental Program:

  • Wearers still just want a well-fitting, clean, professional-looking garment when they need it
  • Cintas provides a long-lasting, comfortable, professional-looking garment in the most efficient and effective manner for the wearer – minimizing infection risks and maximizing wearer satisfaction!

Program Elements:

  • Cintas buys all the scrubs – no more invoices to process or budgets to monitor
  • Cintas purchases and installs automated dispensers and return units inside your facility – no more scrubs randomly assorted on a shelf somewhere
  • Cintas picks up soiled scrubs, launders them to healthcare standards, places them in individual bags to reduce contamination, and restocks the machine regularly.
  • Cintas maintains the machines and remotely monitors usage, ensuring consistent availability

Isn’t it time you stopped thinking about scrubs…and just wore them? Contact Us to request more information.