Company Timeline by Fiscal Year

  • 1929


    After the Great Depression closed the circus where they performed, Doc and Amelia Farmer see an opportunity to collect old, used rags that factories have thrown away, launder them and sell them back to businesses. The foundation of what would become Cintas is formed.
    Doc and Amelia in their circus costumes. Doc was a self- proclaimed veterinarian, animal trainer and trapeze artist. Amelia was the queen of the circus.
  • 1938
    The 1938 Cincinnati flood destroys Acme’s plant. Doc and Amelia move their business to a new plant on Duck Creek Road in Norwood, Ohio. Acme helps other people impacted by the flood by providing day jobs for people riding the trains from town to town looking for work. As America becomes the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, towel production becomes industrialized, prompting the company to change its name to Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry.
  • 1940

    a new generation

    Doc’s son, Hershell, takes the company helm and replaces the old rags of Doc and Amelia’s operation with shop towels—a  lot like the ones we offer today. On his watch, Acme fully converts from selling a product to being a service company. Hershell’s influence is still at the heart of how Cintas does business today.
    Edna, Hershell, Amelia and Doc with Joan and Dick, 1939.
  • 1946
    After a fire burns down the original Norwood plant, a new concrete factory is built on the same location. The concrete blocks were laid in place by the family and the building was in operation until 1962.
  • 1957
    Acme has 12 employees and annual revenue of $180,000. Richard (Dick) Farmer is 22 when he joins the family business after college and military service.
  • 1959


    Recognizing Dick’s drive and vision for the future, Hershell hands control over, allowing Dick to expand into uniform rental. Revenues almost double and the company hires a sales force of three full-time salesmen.
    An early Service Sales Representative getting a truck Ready for the Workday.
  • 1962


    Acme moves into the Ridge Road plant, still in operation today, while the first branch opens in Richmond, Indiana.
    Early plant partners, circa 1960’s.
  • 1964


    Acme Wiper and Industrial Laundry becomes Acme Uniform and Towel Supply.
    The company's redesigned truck in 1964
  • 1965
    Acme develops a taste for acquisitions with the purchase of Perfection Laundry and Towel Supply. The company’s name changes again, this time to Acme Uniform and Linen, Inc.
  • 1966
    Along with Celanese Corporation, Graniteville and Redkap, Acme forms an industry group to develop the 65/35 Polycotton Fabric Blend—what we know today as the fabric that revolutionized the uniform rental industry.
  • 1967
    With revenue of almost $2 million, Acme hires 23-year-old Bob Kohlhepp as the company’s first Controller.
  • 1968


    In order to protect Acme, but convinced of enormous growth potential, Dick founds Satellite Corporation to provide centralized distribution and smaller uniform plants across America. Donald Klekamp, Roger Howe, Bruce Crock, and Fred Danforth are the original outside shareholders of the company.

  • 1970
    Satellite Corporation is so successful that Acme Uniform & Linen, Inc. is merged into the Satellite Corporation and the first annual shareholders meeting is held.

    Service Sales Representative, Chester Clem receiving an award from Hershell after 25 years of loyal and devoted service, May 1970.
  • 1973


    After an advertising agency fails to deliver a new name to take the company into the future, Dick Farmer, Bob Kohlhepp and marketing partner Nick Curtis doodle the name C-I-N-T-A-S on a napkin.
    New corporate headquarters and distribution center in Blue Ash, Ohio, completed in July 1974.
  • 1979


    The company officially defines our Principal Objective — to maximize the long-term value of shareholders and working partners by exceeding our customers’ expectations. Bob Kohlhepp becomes Executive Vice President and is appointed to the board.
  • 1980
    Looking to expand operations in strategic markets, Cintas acquires our largest acquisition to date—Industrial Towel and Uniform in Houston, Texas.
  • 1981
    The Management Trainee (MT) Program is formed to recruit and train future managers. One of the first seven MTs is Scott Farmer (Doc’s great-grandson).
  • 1984


    Cintas becomes publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
    Right: The original public company board in 1984.
  • 1985
    Purolator is signed as the first National Account and Bob Kohlhepp becomes Cintas’ President and COO.
  • 1988
    The popular Advantage Shirt is introduced and Cintas’ National Rental Program is launched when Chemlawn and Safety Kleen sign up.
  • 1990
    Scott Farmer is named Vice President of Marketing & Merchandising.
  • 1991
    The first catalog is produced by the Marketing Department under Scott Farmer’s direction. Catalog sales quickly exceed $130 million a year.
  • 1992
    Always striving to pro-actively provide our customers with products and services they need, Cintas expands the floor mat product line in our Cincinnati-based operation. This begins our Facility Services initiative.
  • 1993
    Cintas enters the Cleanroom market with the purchase of Maryatt Industries. The first logo mats are introduced in Cincinnati.
  • 1994
    The Proknit™ rental shirt and Comfort Fabric pleated pants are added to the product line.
  • 1995


    Expanding outside the United States for the first time, Cintas acquires Cadet Uniform Services Ltd. in Canada.
  • 1996
    Bob Kohlhepp becomes CEO while Dick Farmer becomes Chairman of the Board. Cintas expands Facilities Services Initiative at a national level.
    Bob Kohlhepp
  • 1997
    Begin testing barcode technology to help identify garments. American First Aid is acquired, launching Cintas into the First Aid & Safety business.
  • 1998
    Annual revenues reach $1 billion and Scott Farmer becomes President and COO. Cintas enters into a joint venture with Millennium Mats. Uniforms To You is acquired, expanding our direct sale uniform capabilities.
  • 1999
    Cintas achieves 30 years of uninterrupted growth in sales and profit and acquires Unitog Co. to become North America’s largest Uniform Rental Company.
  • 2000
    Cintas introduces Xpect® brand first aid products, stocking customer first aid cabinets with value-priced brand name products.
  • 2001
    Cintas surpasses $2 billion in annual revenue and is added to the S&P 500 Composite Stock Price Index. The Safety Director® product line is introduced in First Aid & Safety.
  • 2002
    First Aid & Safety partners with the American Heart Association, making Cintas the largest provider of CPR, AED and First Aid training. The division reaches $100 million in revenue. Cintas presides over NASDAQ market opening ceremony and we enter Restroom Supply Services with the purchase of Omni Services, Inc.
  • 2003
    The company enters the Fire Protection business with the acquisition of Kamp Fire and the Document Management business with the acquisition of Smartshred. Cintas starts offering Promotional Products. “Sanis by Cintas” hygiene products are introduced.
  • 2004
    Cintas expands into Document Storage with the acquisition of Data Storage Center. Bob Kohlhepp becomes Vice Chairman and Scott Farmer becomes CEO.
    Scott Farmer
  • 2005
    “The Service Professionals” becomes the new corporate tagline, while Cintas reaches $3 billion in annual revenue. Sanis Ultraclean® and the ReviveR® AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are introduced.
  • 2006
    First Aid & Safety introduces Training & Compliance solutions.
  • 2007
    Dick Farmer, Founder and Chairman, celebrates 50 years with Cintas. Cintas changes the wording of our principle objective to list our customer first to ensure they are always top of mind. Safewasher Parts Cleaning Services is introduced to the Facility Services product line.
    Cintas Safewasher
  • 2008

    Going International

    Acquiring Certo Information Management enables Cintas to enter the Document Imaging business. Cintas begins selling uniforms in Hong Kong and Macau while the cargo pant is introduced in North America.
  • 2009
    Dick Farmer becomes Chairman Emeritus and Bob Kohlhepp is elected as Chairman of the Board. Cintas is the first Uniform Rental Company to offer uniform rental pants designed for women.
  • 2010
    Cintas enters an exclusive partnership with Carhartt® to provide the first ever Carhartt rental uniforms.
  • 2011
    Cintas enters a strategic partnership with Diversey, Inc. to deliver a Cleaning Chemical Service. The company acquires three very different business opportunities — Cleanway Industries, Chemtron and Metro Door.
  • 2012
    Cintas surpasses $4 billion in annual revenue. Cintas provides additional value to customers by introducing VIP Fire Protection. A partnership with Rubbermaid® is established to provide industry-leading Facility Services products.
  • 2013
    Cintas serves our One-Millionth Customer! New products introduced: Performance Polo, Carhartt® Flame Resistant Clothing, Signature Series® Restroom Dispensers and Safety Center cabinets. The acquisition of DunnWell provides a national Fire Protection footprint.
  • 2014
    Cintas and Shred-It merge Document Shredding businesses, with Cintas retaining 42% ownership. This newly formed joint venture operates under the name Shred-it.
  • 2015
    Cintas rolls out new SSR uniforms and fully exits the Document Management business.
  • 2016

    Ready for the Workday® becomes the new corporate tagline in conjunction with the launch of our first national radio and TV advertising campaign. Cintas acquires ZEE Medical and establishes a partnership with Chef Works®.

  • 2017

    Cintas makes its largest acquisition to date, G&K Services, increasing rental revenue by 25% as the company’s annual revenue passes $5 billion. Board Chair and past CEO, Bob Kohlhepp retires after nearly 50 years and Scott Farmer is elected Chairman of the Board.

  • 2018

    Cintas passes $6 billion in annual revenue and launches WaterBreak®.

  • 2019

    Cintas is named to the Fortune 500 for the first time, launches the Cintas Partner Assistance Fund and surpasses 100 Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certified locations. Todd Schneider is promoted to EVP & COO; Michael Thompson is appointed EVP & CAO and Mike Hansen is appointed EVP & CFO. Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dick Farmer retires after 62 years. Celebrating the 35TH anniversary of IPO.

  • 2020

    Cintas is presented five national awards, including Fortune 500, and announces a national partnership with the American Diabetes Association® (ADA).

  • 2021

    To help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Cintas launches the Total Clean Program, divests of the Tile and Carpet business and sells operations in China.

  • 2022

    Scott Farmer retires as CEO and continues as Executive Chairman. Todd Schneider becomes President & CEO. Surrounded by his beloved family, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dick Farmer, dies at 86 years old.