People. Planet. Workday.


At Cintas, our commitment to sustainability and positive discontent are deeply engrained in the fabric of our business. Doing what’s right for our people, our planet, and our customers’ workday has long been at the center of our business. We never stop thinking of new and innovative ways to be responsible to solve for the challenges of today, while preparing to overcome the challenges of tomorrow as they evolve. We know that we can always be better; that we must continually evolve, push forward, and climb higher. It’s our way of leading ‘A Shared Drive for Better.’

Our vision for sustainability influences how we do business, each and every day. It means we’re advancing everything we do, from evolving sustainable internal procedures, to operating a wash process that uses less energy and water than home laundry, to offering our customers more reusable alternative products.

Our goals motivate our unbridled commitment to building on a culture that values safety, equity and social responsibility, with a diverse workforce and an unwavering passion for running our company ethically and responsibly. Our management systems focus on honesty, integrity and holding ourselves accountable in everything we do.

Our emphasis on environmental and social sustainability keeps top-of-mind our efforts to sustain the world we live in, helping us grow our culture of respect, belonging and inclusion. It makes for not only a better workday, but a better company — and a better planet.