Avoid Time-Consuming Pump Outs and Costly Emergencies

Designed for the food service industry, the Cintas drain line maintainer digests the fats, oils, grease, and other kitchen food wastes that accumulate in drain lines, keeping water flowing freely. The Cintas commercial drain cleaner reduces foul drain line odour by using a patented formulation of live, environmentally-friendly microbes that target and degrade food waste, turning it into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

How A Commercial Drain Cleaner Service Works

Drain Line Maintainer


Provides carefree drain maintenance of primary drain line and side drains with our regularly scheduled service

Drain Line Maintenance


Auto-dispensing unit dispenses four doses of cleaning formulation every 24 hours

How Mat Service Works Step 3


Monthly floor drain inspection by your Cintas Service Professional helps prevent solids from entering drain lines


  • Keeps drains free-flowing with a patented, performance-ready microbial formulation that naturally degrades greasy drain line build-up reducing the need for costly emergency pump outs
  • Reduces drain line odour by eliminating waste buildup
  • Meets the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice program's challenge for biological commercial kitchen drain line treatments by demonstrating a more preferable human health and environmental formula profile

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Drain Line Maintainer Product

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