Your floors are only as clean as your mops. Dirty mop heads are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With a Cintas rental mop program, your mops are sanitized and replaced each week so clean mops are available when you need them.

Mop Service Offerings

Mop Service Offerings

Microfiber Tube Mop

MICROFIBER TUBE MOP – Clean more efficiently with the Cintas Microfiber Tube Mop.

Microfiber Dust Mop

MICROFIBER FLAT MOP – Make spot cleaning easy and efficient with the Cintas Microfiber Flat Mop.

Heavy Duty Wet Mop

HEAVY DUTY WET MOP – Have clean and sanitized wet mops every week.

Dust Mop

DUST MOP – Create a custom dust control program for your company.


  • Products to capture and remove soil and moisture from your floors.
  • Professionally cleaned on a weekly basis to maximize product effectiveness.
  • Regularly scheduled service visits to remove dirt and soil from your building.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs associated with cleaning and replacing mops, saving you money.
  • Convenience of a single source supplier that offers a comprehensive floor program.
  • Managed inventory program eliminates “trips to the store”, saving you time and labour costs.

How The Service Works

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • Deliver fresh, clean mops
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
  • How the Service Works
    No upfront inventory investment
  • How the Service Works
    Deliver fresh, clean mops
  • How the Service Works
    Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
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