Workplace Hydration with WaterBreak™

Introducing the new Cintas WaterBreak™. This all-in-one service allows you to consistently and affordably provide filtered drinking water to your employees and customers without the expense or hassle of using heavy plastic bottles.

The WaterBreak™ Hands-Free System

WaterBreak™ Hands-Free

  • Closed water system for cleaner operation
  • Hot, cold and room temperature water
  • Hot water safety feature
  • 2x cooling ability compared to leading units
  • Self-draining drip tray (1½ gallon)
The WaterBreak™ Countertop System

WaterBreak™ Countertop

  • Hot, cold and room temperature water
  • Closed water system for cleaner operation
  • Hot water safety feature
  • Less then 17" tall, fits under most kitchen cabinets

How The Service Works

  • Scheduled arrival of Cintas truck at your facility.
  • Your dedicated Cintas professional checks in with you when they arrive.
  • We scan each cooler's unique barcode during every visit to maintain an electronic service record.
  • A functional check in performed and the internal drain bottle is emptied.
  • WaterBreak coolers are cleaned, cups are restocked and filter is changed as needed (at least annually).
  • Your Cintas professional follows up with you to review the service provided.

WaterBreak™ versus other options


WaterBreak™ VS. Water Jugs

  • Avoid lifting heavy bottles
  • No more storage headaches
  • No unsightly bottles lying around
  • Flat monthly billing
  • Never run out of water

WaterBreak™ VS. Water Coolers

  • No dirty drip tray buildup
  • Affordable price and no filter change fees
  • Industry-leading unit
  • Flat, monthly billing
  • Consistently clean, professional look

Hydration Station