70% of visitors rank a clean restroom as extremely important (Cintas Research). Signature Series™ offers two hand soap dispenser options, manual and automatic. With one push of the manual soap dispenser pump you get exactly 0.4 mL of either rich, moisturizing foam soap, antibacterial foam soap or hand sanitizer. Users don’t waste soap and water working up a lather because of the precise amount of soap dispensed and the concentrated consistency of the foam.


Remove dirt and bacteria in a neat, efficient and environmentally friendly way with our hand soap and sanitizer dispensers.

Our hand soap dispensers are specially designed to ensure your restroom users are never left without soap. Each refill lasts 1250 uses and a refill indicator clearly shows when a refill is needed, without having to open the dispenser. The refills were designed to be smart and environmentally friendly and come in a compact 0.5 L bag. A single use pump is attached to each refill making it drip free and easy to maintain.


76% of restroom users rate the cleanliness of the restroom based on the availability of soap.* It is important that soap dispensers are fully stocked and readily available for customers. The use of soap prevents the spread of germs and reduces costs associated with employee illness and lost worker productivity. By promoting the practice of good hand hygiene our customers promote a sanitary work environment.

*Cintas proprietary research ©2008
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How The Service Works

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
  • How the Service Works
    No upfront inventory investment
  • How the Service Works
    Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers
  • How the Service Works
    Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
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