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95% of visitors will avoid an establishment in the future if they found the restroom to be dirty*. Keeping a clean restroom is important for business and Cintas can help. Signature Series™ restroom trash cans promote a clean and professional image and Cintas backs it up with trusted service through managed clean restroom program.

*Cintas proprietary research

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How a Restroom Trash Can Service Works

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No upfront inventory investment

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Every week we monitor, refill and maintain dispensers

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Seamless pairing for our paper towel dispensers…

Signature Series™ Restroom Trash Cans mount to your wall at a desired height for optimal disposal. The specially designed lid ensures the liner is hidden, keeping your desired aesthetics. The smooth surface makes the trash can easy to clean and the bacteriostatic properties of the cover keep the dispenser as clean as possible between cleanings.

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View the product in eleven vibrant choices:

  • Siganture Series True Blue Trash Can
  • signature series trash can red
  • signature series trash can orange
  • signature series trash can green
  • signature series trash can white
  • signature series trash can blue
  • signature series trash can black
  • Signature Series Trash Can Stainless
  • signature series trash can grey
  • Signature Series Trash Can Tan
  • Siganture Series Camo Trash Can

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