In your busy shop, the last thing you need to be worried about is keeping up with your towel and wiper maintenance. Let Cintas help keep you running like a well-oiled machine with our industry-leading Towel and Wiper Service. We’ll take care of all your professional laundering and restocking — so high-performance wiping products are always there when you need them.

How A Shop Towel Service Works

How the Service Works


Cintas Service Rep arrives at your shop to pick up your towels that are ready for laundering

A Stack of Shop Towels


Your Service Rep replaces them with professionally cleaned ones

How the Service works


Your dirty shop towels will be brought back to our facility where they’ll be laundered and inspected for quality

Shop Towels

When strength, absorbency and reusability are key, Cintas Shop Towels – the industry standard for generations – are the answer.

  • Strong wet or dry
  • Maximum absorbency
  • Multiple uses per towel

Reusable Cintas Towels are shown to reduce waste by 62%.* And to help maintain towel integrity, we also use specialized formulas during our laundering process.

*TRSA, 2016

  • Shop Towels

Disposable Wipers

Disposable wipers in convenient, portable packs. Our Heavy Duty and All-Purpose Wipers are formulated with leading-edge technologies, helping you save money with fewer wipers required for the job. Cintas Heavy Duty Wipers surpass standard wiping cloth products in durability and absorbency, which means longer lasting performance, less waste and more savings. Cintas All-Purpose Wipers are stronger and more absorbent than ordinary paper towels, and provide single-use reliability and softness.

  • All Purpose Wipers

    Not just a paper towel

    • Up to 3X stronger than ordinary paper towels
    • 2X absorbency of ordinary paper towels
    • Gentle on skin and on materials
  • Heavy Duty Wipers

    Durable and low lint

    • Strong wet or dry
    • Very low lint
    • Handles harsh solvents

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