When you sign up for the Defibtech Service Agreement, you get much more than an AED. You get your choice of Lifeline®, wall cabinet, AED training, pads/battery replacement, and software upgrades.

How A Defibtech AED Service Works

Cintas AED Plus in wall container



You determine the type, location and number of AEDs needed for your business

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Installation - Your AED is professionally installed

Training - Receive a discounted rate on your AED training when you schedule a First Aid, CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogen course when executing a Service Agreement

Snapshot of LifeREADY 360



Service Visits - Pad and battery replacement as well as Software upgrade

LifeREADY 360™ - Medical direction, tracking software, registration with EMS, and post event support

Lifeline® VIEW AED

  • Interactive video display
  • View and text display for real time coaching
  • 2 button operating system for ease of use
  • Pre-connected pads and diagrams help reduce time to shock
  • 4 second shock time for quick treatment
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  • Lifeline View AED Device


  • Voice-guided prompts help the responder step-by-step
  • Visual display of progress using lights
  • Built-in metronome produces a steady beat during CPR
  • Daily self-test to ensure functionality
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  • Lifeline AED

The "AED Program" includes ONLY the sale or service agreement of AEDs and periodic inspection of the AEDs to determine whether the batteries and/or pads for the AED have expired.  If expressly and separately purchase by Customer, Cintas may also provide AED and CPR Training, and access to LifeREADY 360™ website. "AED Program" expressly excludes any risk or hazard analysis of any kind of type, including (but not limited to) recommendations regarding the type, number, or placement of AEDs at Customer's facility. Customer is solely responsible for choosing the type and number of AEDs needed and the placement of those AEDs within its facility(ies) and notifying Cintas of any faults, alarms, or indications that AED is not functioning properly between Cintas's periodic service visits.

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