Office Water Delivery Service


Our innovative water coolers make it easy to help your employees stay hydrated and feel refreshed, supporting your team’s productivity and their overall physical and mental health. 

Whether your employees are at risk of experiencing heat stress or just trying to stay properly hydrated on the job, we have the flexible solutions you need. Choose from several electrolyte options from leading brands, or talk to your rep about the all-new WaterBreak®, a cleaner, more affordable water system and service.

For our complete line of PPE offerings, view our Product and Services Guide.

How An Office Water Delivery Service Works

A male Cintas employee services a WaterBreak water cooler machine.


On-site when you need us, providing industry leading products and services

A female Cintas employee inspects a WaterBreak water cooler machine.


Trained professionals deliver your PPE and safety supplies

A woman uses the Cintas WaterBreak water cooler machine in the break room of her job.


WaterBreak coolers are cleaned, cups are restocked* and filter is changed as needed (at least annually)

*replacement cups are an additional cost

  • The WaterBreak® Premium

    • Closed water system for cleaner operation
    • Hot, cold and room temperature water
    • Hot water safety feature
    • 2x cooling ability compared to leading units
    • Self-draining drip tray (1½ gallon)
    • Weight: 53 lbs, dimensions: 12.6" x 13.4" x 43.7"
  • The WaterBreak® Countertop

    • Hot, cold and room temperature water
    • Closed water system for cleaner operation
    • Hot water safety feature
    • Polymer cabinet won't rust or scratch countertop
    • Less then 17" tall, fits under most kitchen cabinets
    • Fits large coffee containers & sport bottles
    • Weight: 30 lbs, dimensions: 13.3" x 14.5" x 16.9"

Waterbreak® Versus Other Options


Water Bottle with red X


  • Avoid lifting heavy bottles
  • No more storage headaches
  • No unsightly bottles lying around
  • Flat monthly billing
  • Never run out of water
  • No more dirty dispensers or drip trays
Old water cooler with red X


  • No dirty drip tray buildup
  • Regular filter changes
  • Affordable price and no filter change fees
  • Industry leading unit
  • Flat, monthly billing
  • Consistently clean, professional look
Gatorade Packets

Workplace Hydration

Cintas offers a variety of branded and unbranded products to cover all electrolyte and heat stress needs.

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