Molten metal splash commonly occurs when moisture or wet materials are introduced causing the metal to explode violently and throw dangerous molten metal into the air.


Many companies such as aluminum and steel manufacturers, foundries and other industrial metal-working operations face the challenge of protecting their employees from the hazards associated with a molten metal splash. This responsibility carries with it serious legal consequences for failure to provide and use personal protective equipment in proper repair and flame resistant clothing designed specifically for the type of molten metal hazard that is present.

Foundry workers, fabricators and welders are the most commonly injured in a molten metal splash hazard. However, any worker or employee who passes near a point at which metal is heated to a molten state may suffer an injury from a molten metal splash.


Failure to provide personal protective equipment designed for molten metal splash hazard is a serious infraction of the provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislations which can lead to convictions and fines.

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