Launch Your Uniform Program With Ease

Give your employees the red carpet roll-out by having our Cintas Installation Team take care of it all, from unpacking boxes to tailoring garments. Once your uniform program is launched, your Cintas Uniform Room Manager will continue to prepare budgets, forecast demand, monitor uniform quality and cleaning, and more.


What can you expect from the installation process?

unpacking sizing and fitting alterations uniform-distribution transition meeting

Cintas will implement and maintain a hardware and software system for you that tracks inventory, cash flow, back stock, and uniform distributions. Employees will receive uniforms that are custom fit and tailored by an onsite seamstress.

Benefits of a Uniform Room

  • Cost Savings: Decrease risk of lost or stolen items and damaged garments with a more efficient process.
  • Inventory Reduction: Accurate inventory system allows managers to make better long-term cost projections.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Detailed reports allow management to make better decisions to reduce cost and minimize loss.