​From early morning bus routes to after-school sporting events, transporting students safely is a top priority. Clean, well-equipped buses and professional safety apparel for crossing guards, drivers and transportation support staff will help your students and staff safely start and end their day. 

Uniforms for your industry


Help your school transportation team look professional in durable, comfortable workwear. Mix and match to create the look and fit your team wants. Choose from a variety of carefully selected options, including classic workwear, exclusive women’s garments, Carhartt® FRC or apparel with high visibility features. Plus, enjoy the convenience of inclusive laundry service.  

  • Carhartt® 
  • Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC) 
  • High Visibility Workwear 
  • Industrial Workwear 
  • Traditional Workwear 
  • Women’s Garments 


Floor Services

Facility Services 

With ever-advancing innovations in sustainable and effective products, we help you keep every corner of your school clean and welcoming for students, staff and families. Our scheduled service visits include solutions chosen by you to create a custom program​​.  

  • Mat Services 
  • Restroom Supplies 
  • Microfiber & Wet Mops 
  • Bus Washing Cleaning Chemicals 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Tools 
Cintas First Aid Cabinet in Use

First Aid and Safety 

Help your school buses and transportation team stay prepared with Cintas. Our scheduled service visits include keeping your first aid cabinets and on-the-go kits well-stocked with ​the ​products​ you choose​, ​​your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) delivered, and your employees trained on safety and compliance topics of your choosing. 

  • First Aid Cabinets 
  • Safety Supplies & PPE 
  • Safety Training 
  • AED Products & Services 

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