Garment Dispensing Solutions


The solution many hospitals are currently using is the Cintas Garment Dispensing system. This program is designed to help promote infection control by providing convenient and hassle-free access to clean, quality garments in your facility.

End-to-End Convenience

From beginning to end, the Garment Dispensing Solution is convenient and hassle-free. Our complete solution brings inventory under control and our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry.


With Cintas managing the garments from the time they’re purchased, laundered, stocked in the machine, worn and then returned to Cintas to be hygienically cleaned, concerns are put at ease.

User-Friendly Equipment

Cintas Polytex dispensers are designed for simplicity and convenience. Units supply tops, bottoms and jackets by size, advanced software tracks usage inventory and it all happens with a single swipe or tap of a current ID badge.

Exclusive Wash Process

We use a wash formula designed to meet or beat international hygienic cleaning standards - every time.

Vendor Card Program

With the swipe or tap of a card, your vendors, students and other guests can have specific, limited access to hygienically cleaned scrubs.

Program Benefits:

  • Design a program around your facility's specific needs.
  • Pricing and replenishment options that work within your budget and time-frame.
  • Garment cards can be distributed in gift shops, vending machines or individually.
  • Card holders have controlled access to professionally laundered garments.
  • Track activity and garment use.
  • Use extra revenue to offset the cost of the overall garment dispensing program.

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