Professional Scrubs At The Ready

You’re in the healthcare business — not the scrub business. So why worry about the day-to-day hassle of managing scrubs? You’ll save time and money with the Cintas scrub rental program, and your physicians and staff will always have the clean, well-fitting scrubs they need.
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Our Unique Rental Program Will Help You
  • Gain peace of mind about scrub availability. Everyday, we remotely monitor our automated dispensers to make sure you're never out of stock.
  • Keep your staff looking their professional best. Never again will an employee look like they got their scrub out of a hamper. And because our tops and bottoms are dispensed separately, your staff can mix and match sizes for the ultimate fit.
  • Reduce hospital-acquired infections. No more scrubs sitting on a shelf or in a locker room collecting bacteria. Our scrubs are individually polywrapped to support your infection control efforts.
  • Control costs. Our advanced software helps us monitor usage and track returns more accurately, so you'll no longer be paying for missing scrubs.
How Our Program Works
  • We take care of the upfront capital investment. Cintas buys all the scrubs, which means you won't have invoices to process or budgets to monitor.
  • We monitor all inventory. We'll install and maintain automated dispensers in your facility. And unlike with traditional programs, our system required employees to use their hospital ID cards to retrieve scrubs.
  • We handle all laundering and restocking. Using our propriety wash formula that helps maintain fabric integrity and color, we’ll launder your scrubs to healthcare hygienic standards. Then we place them in individual polywrapped bags to reduce contamination, and restock your machine regularly.