Garment Dispensing Solution

Delivering for our customers

We supply more than garments. Every day, we deliver peace of mind of being prepared with efficiency - all within seconds.

A more prepared team

Garment Dispensing Solution


• Reliable access to clean garments
• Uses current ID badge
• Professional, comfortable fit
• Easy soiled garment returns

Garment Dispensing Solution


• Automatic inventory tracking
• Lower garment replacement costs
• No need to coordinate multiple departments
• Detailed usage reports and records

Garment Dispensing Solution


• Cintas installs, maintains and cleans equipment
• Cintas monitors, stocks and collects garments
• Less cluttered work area
• Dispensers and return units come in several sizes to fit space


User-friendly equipment

Garment Dispensing Units

End to end convenience

From beginning to end, the Garment Dispensing Solution is convenient and hassle-free. Our complete solution brings inventory under control and our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. 

Garment Dispensing Process

Garment Card Program

With the swipe or tap of a card, your vendors and other visitors can have specific, limited-time access to clean garments.

Program benefits

  • Design your own program to fit the specific needs of your property.
  • Your property can decide the appropriate price and timeframe options for each card, if any.
  • The cards can be sold in cafeterias, vending machines or distributed individually.
  • Card users have controlled access to professionally laundered garments.
  • Track activity and garment use.
  • Use extra revenue to offset the overall garment dispensing program cost.

Garment Card Program

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