Protect Your Facility With Cleaner and Safer Floors

Keeping your hotel clean, safe, and looking great is of the utmost importance. This is why Cintas has developed multiple mat programs to allow you to build a custom program to meet your property’s needs. Additionally, our rental and direct purchase floor mats can be customized to include your hotel’s logo, allowing branding every step of the way.

Rental Mat Service Offerings

Entrance Scraper
Entrance Scraper

Cleans dirt and moisture from shoes before it gets inside — made of 100% rubber.

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Cintas colourful carpet mats — backed with 100% Nitrile Rubber for maximum durability.

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Custom Logo Mats
Custom Logo

Make a lasting impression with strong, durable Cintas custom logo mats.

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Non-slip and antimicrobial mats are oil, water, and grease resistant.

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Increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue — flex step anti-fatigue mats.

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How The Mat Rental Service Works

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • Deliver fresh clean mats
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs
  • How the Service Works
  • How the Service Works
  • How the Service Works
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Direct Purchase Mat Offerings

ultraguard mat
UltraGuard Mat

Consider using in areas with multi-directional guest and employee traffic, Cintas UltraGuard mats are durable, stain-resistant and permanently anti-static. 

waterguard mat
WaterGuard Mat: Square

Trap moisture and dirt at the door before it ever enters your property with Cintas WaterGuard mats that enhance your clean, professional image. 

waterguard mat
WaterGuard Mat: Diamond

Stylish and functional, the Cintas WaterGuard Diamond Fan Mat should be a consideration for many areas within your property.

firststep logo scraper
First Step Logo Scraper Mat

Stop dirt and debris from being tracked through your hotel with the Cintas First Step Logo Scraper Mat, featuring a tacky rubber suffer to promote scraping action. 

brushtip scraper
BrushTip Scraper Mat

Scrape dirt and water off of shoes with the Cintas Brush Tip Scraper Mat, which has individual rubber bristles and a slip-resistant base to keep the mat secure. 

safetychef mat
Safety Chef Mat

Consider placing these on surfaces that are susceptible to being wet and greasy, as the Cintas Safety Chef Mat provides your kitchen employees with excellent traction. 

marbletop anti fatigue
MarbleTop Anti-Fatigue Mat

Provide comfort for employees who stand at check-in counters and bell stands for long periods of time with the Cintas Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat.

soft step anti-fatigue
Soft Step Anti-Fatigue Mat

Reduce fatigue and discomfort with the Cintas Soft Step Anti-Fatigue Mat which ensures higher durability and better resilience than ordinary vinyl sponge mats. 

Why Do You Need Mats?
  • Assure Hotel Cleanliness: Mats capture dirt, water, and other containments before they enter your property.
  • Decrease the Amount of Slip and Fall Accidents: Protect your employees, guests, and bottom line from slip and fall accidents.
  • Improve Employee Performance: Anti-fatigue mats can greatly reduce fatigue for employees, such as dealers, who work on their feet all day.
  • Promote Your Brand: Logo mats in high traffic locations not only improve cleanliness, they also enhance your brand.