Uniforms & Work Apparel

The work your team does is demanding, so demand more of the clothes they’re doing it in. Comfort, mobility and great looking customized apparel — with included laundry service — starts right here.


The workday may bring new and different challenges every day, but one thing remains constant: your employees’ need to work comfortably and look professional in apparel specifically designed and manufactured to do just that.  

A managed workwear program helps you keep your team Ready for the Workday®, no matter what that workday looks like. It comes with a host of additional benefits, too.  

With the managed workwear program from Cintas, you’re helping to ensure your team’s fresh, clean appearance with every customer interaction. You’re providing your employees with a differentiating workplace benefit that saves them time and money. That’s a benefit that can help shore up your retention and bolster employee engagement efforts.

Another reason to consider a managed workwear program extends far beyond your business and employees: It’s also great for the environment. Managed workwear programs help conserve energy, conserve water and reduce waste with efficient processes, innovative technology and a dedication to repairing rips or tears instead of tossing torn garments in the trash.

Plus, with fully inclusive laundry service, there’s the convenience you may never have considered. We pick up your dirty work apparel every week, hygienically launder it and return it on your schedule, exactly where you need it. We take care of stains, repairs and even replacements when they’re needed.  

Customize every aspect of your program, from tops to bottoms and everything in between. With Cintas, the choices are yours.

uniform overview

Let us do the laundry with our convenient uniform program.

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uniforms & workwear

An expansive array of head-to-toe apparel options designed to keep your employees focused on the job.

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