Uniforms & Workwear

An expansive array of head-to-toe apparel options designed to keep your employees focused on the job.

A cookie-cutter approach to workwear? Not here. We’re leading the way in offering apparel that’s what people want to wear, for the job function they need to perform.  

Our innovations are made by always pushing for better, like garments specifically designed for women. Work shirts with short sleeves, long sleeves, vented panels for breathability, collars or no collars. Work pants with extra pockets, stretch fabrics, reinforced panels and so much more. Outerwear that protects and keeps your team comfortable, no matter what nature brings to the workday.  

Plus, a host of specialty offerings like healthcare scrubs, flame resistant clothing, cleanroom garments and enhanced visibility and high visibility apparel. All from the trusted brands employees want.  

Cintas delivers it all.   


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How Our Workwear Program Works

ur program start


Program Start: You will be assigned 11 garments when you start the program.

ur process step 2


Each week, Cintas will pick up your soiled garments.

ur process step 3


Each week, Cintas will return your cleaned garments from the previous week.

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