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Our uniforms are dependably clean and professionally managed. Your business runs on a busy production line.

Hohenstein Hygienically Clean Certified

Each Cintas facility is certified hygienically clean through the Hohenstein Institute. Hygienically clean certification is achieved through the inspection of 11 critical control points across 74 line-item evaluations covering: disinfection efficacy of the laundry chemicals facility layout, personnel areas, soil receiving area, wash alley, washing procedures, clean textile processing area, textile storage, transportation and textile quality.

Uniform Program That Works

Cintas provides your team with a complete uniform rental management program that that keeps your team clean and ready for the shift ahead. You also receive support from a dedicated service and sales rep who goes above and beyond with on-site, personalized service. It’s all included in the program. 


1. Cintas delivers your crisp, clean garments and picks up your dirty ones.


2. Your garments are hygienically laundered and delivered right back to you!

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